Little Hampton Clay Paver Range

Pavers come in two thickness options: 50mm or 70mm (excluding cobblestones). Littlehampton Traditional Clay Pavers boast a surface area of 230mm (length) by 114mm (width), offering strength and durability. Ideal for driveways, borders/edging, and alfresco spaces, these pavers enhance the beauty of any garden or landscape setting. They complement large format paving seamlessly.

Cobblestone pavers are uniformly 62mm thick and feature a charming hand-tumbled finish, exuding a gorgeous and rustic aesthetic. Ideal for driveways, borders/edging, and alfresco areas, they add a beautiful touch to any garden or landscape setting. These pavers harmonize seamlessly with large format paving, enhancing the overall appeal of outdoor spaces.

The Stardust Series represents an architectural collection of clay pavers. Distinguished by its slim profile, this series introduces unparalleled elegance and style, embodying a unique and modern aesthetic. Perfect for driveways, borders/edging, and alfresco spaces, these pavers enhance the beauty of any garden or landscape setting. Their compatibility with large format paving makes them an excellent choice for creating cohesive and sophisticated outdoor designs.

Advantages of Clay Pavers

  • They’re inherently natural Clay Pavers represent a premium quality product crafted from the finest natural clay and water.
  • They resist sun fading – Our high-temperature firing, exceeding 1100°C, guarantees that the color will remain vibrant without any risk of fading.
  • Anti-slip properties – The distinctive textures of Clay Pavers provide excellent slip resistance, even on wet driveways or pathways.
  • Sturdy and resilient – When it comes to driveways and other high-traffic zones, clay pavers stand out for their unmatched strength and durability. Likewise, they prove ideal for pathways, patios, and other areas with regular foot traffic.
  • Low-maintenance convenience – Clay pavers boast durability and are effortlessly maintained. Typically, a gentle detergent and light scrubbing suffice to clean heavily soiled clay pavers. In many instances, a simple hose-down or sweep is all that’s needed to keep them clean.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable – Clay pavers are a product of kiln firing, crafted from abundantly available, naturally occurring clays. The production process refrains from using environmentally harmful chemicals.
  • Lasting value – Clay pavers stand the test of time as a timeless choice. Their enduring style and warm, natural beauty remain ageless, and their recyclability adds to their lasting appeal.
  • Enduring elegance – Clay pavers boast a natural appearance and retain their color despite prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. With the potential to endure for over a thousand years, they stand as a testament to timeless quality.