REDCOR Steel Edging – 1.6mm Gauge

In Stock Sizes: 185mm x2440mm x1.6mm150mm x2440mm x1.6mm – 100mm x2440mm x1.6mm – 75mm x2440mm x1.6mm (Includes connectors and 4 x screws)

It is recommended to bury, 1/3 of the profile to hide screws.


REDCOR Flat Tapered Stakes – 2.5mm Gauge

In Stock Sizes: 240mm – 340mm – 400mm. (Includes 1 x Screw)                                                                     Suits FormBoss® profiles from 75mm to 185mm. 


REDCOR Tree Rings – 777mm Rings

In Stock Sizes: 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 290mm, 390mm, 580mm



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