Gabion Cages – 50mm Holes
Size: 1000x500x500mm
Uses: Gabion Cages can be filled with almost anything. Only limited by your imagination they are a great DIY project and look fantastic.




Gabion Cages – 25mm Holes
Size: 1000x500x500mm
Uses: Gabion Cages can be filled with almost anything. Only limited by your imagination they are a great DIY project and look fantastic.


Historic Innovation in Landscaping With Gabion Baskets in Canberra

Gabion baskets in Canberra have come a long way from the banks of the Nile River to new landscaping project in city gardens. The term gabion comes from the word ‘gabbione’ meaning large cage in old Italian. Early gabbione were made from wicker baskets and used in fortifications. There is evidence of da Vinci using gabion baskets in the foundations of some of his buildings. Modern landscapers are now using metal gabion cages for aesthetic and to stabilise earth in their projects.

Problems Gabion Cages in Canberra Address

Gabion cage construction brings more of the feel of the area into its built environment than introducing brick, mortar and more concrete onto the project site.

  • Gabion cage is ideal for retaining walls and filled with building rubble or local stone, provide a stable retaining structure that still lets water through. As a retaining wall, it does not need any foundations dug as its bulk and weight settle into the existing landfall. While it is structurally stable, it is also pleasant to look at and lends artful flair to the surroundings.
  • Gabion cages can be filled with local or on-site natural stone while the end form is softer on the eye than hard edged brick and mortar. Gabion cage structures have a lower carbon footprint and lower maintenance costs over time too.
  • Gabions act as a link between the newly-built and the history of a site. Because gabions are porous, soil can be inserted, and the structure can be a place of rooting for plants and the home for some of the local fauna too. Gabion cage construction in Canberra is one of the most environmentally-friendly methods available to local modern landscaping.

Out of history, we have a long-lasting method of going into the future of landscaping, in a future that our children will still enjoy. The essence and the sense of the gabbione of old are going to be around for a long time to come.

What You Can Expect from CSG re Gabion Cages in Canberra

Gabion cages have always been used with local stone since their first use on the bank of the Nile; we at CSG have a long association with stone too.

  • The Canberra area is known for its granite-like rock formations, while there is a little evidence of limestone in the area too, Canberra is granite country. At CSG we stock a range of stone also.
  • CSG stocks ornamental stone for a range of uses including filling gabion cages. Alleena White is a mulch option for around the garden, and it is a contrast to our dark paving. Braidwood Peach comes in a light brown, white and peach as its name suggests. Wee Jasper Walling Rock is a fracturing flat face rock ideal for retaining walls.
  • On our quarry side, we stock Blue Metal Dust, an alternative bedding material to washed sand. Scalpings is a compactable product used as a finishing for driveways and pathways. Sub-Base is another compactable product used as a base for concrete and pavers.

About CSG

Established in 1960, we are your local family-owned company for landscaping supplies. CSG currently have three landscaping outlets to serve the entire Canberra region. At all our outlets we have a range of quarry, ornamental and structural products. You can order from our range online.